Fees vary widely from office to office. Some of the factors that can affect fees include: doctor’s knowledge, experience, skills, quality of materials used, and technology in the office. The quality of the results and service are usually directly related to the fees. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. We make every effort to keep dental care affordable and still maintain a high level of quality which we do not want to compromise. We try to offer great service, using quality materials to create great value for our patients. We hope that when you experience our office you will be pleased with the atmosphere and service offered.

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Of course cash or persoanl checks are also welcome.


    Financing and Payment Options 

    To help you receive the dental care that you need and deserve, we offer several different payment options depending on your needs. For short term financing, we offer in office options. If you need to extend payments over a longer period of time we work with Care Credit to help make receiving care more affordable. Click on either of the logos to learn more or to apply online. Check it out today. You could be minutes away from a great new smile.

    Care Credit patient financing  



    We work with most insurances but are only considered in-network with a few. Our office is not contracted with any managed care plans (HMO,DMO). Dental insurance is designed to cover some of the costs of dental care. It rarely covers all of the cost of treatment and almost always has a maximum amount available for use each year. When possible, we coordinate traditional insurance with treatment and help our patients maximize benefits.


    ***Traditional benefit plans allow you to see any dentist (that includes us) and receive the full benefits of the policy.

    ***PPO benefit plans allow you to see any provider but benefits may be slightly less if you see a dentist not on their restricted list. Currently our office is a contracted provider for some plans of the following insurance companies: Delta Dental, Cigna, Anthem/Wellpoint(PPO+ & Blue Complete), and Aetna.

    ***HMO/DMO plans restrict you to a list of dentists in order to receive benefits. You can choose to see dentists not on the list but will receive no dental benefits from your plan. We are not contracted with any HMO or DMO plans. We would be happy to serve you, however your plan will not cover any of the treatment received at our office.


    Our commitment is to serve you, not the insurance company. Our goal is your oral health. Sometimes we recommend treatment, in your best interest, that the insurance company does not cover as part of your plan. In these cases, it is up to you to decide what to do. We are happy to preauthorize any treatment needs for you but, ultimately,the insurance company is responsible only to you. As such, we cannot make any guarantees on behalf of your insurance company.