• Dental Implants



    Many people in this country have lost teeth for various reasons. An accident may have traumatized a number of teeth, periodontal disease may have loosen the teeth to where they were no longer functioning properly, or cavities may have resulted in extractions. The list goes on and on. The good news is that you no longer have to be stuck with a traditional denture that you worry about falling out when eating or even talking with friends. Implants can be used to help retain and stabalize dentures so you can be more confident and comfortable when eating and interacting with others. As with anything else, you have multiple options depending on your goals. In our office we provide a basic menu of options which can easily be modified to fit your individual needs. Please browse through the basic options below for general information. Please call (303)457-3046 or email us atTrembath Dentistry to set up an appointment to see which options will work best for you.


    "Snap-on" Overdenture

    • Least expensive option (entry level)
    • Requires least amount of implants
    • On the lower jaw 2 implants is usually sufficient
    • Upper jaw may require more implants due on bone quality
    • Requires tissue support so there may be some rocking movement of the denture (especially if only 2 implants are used
    • Movement could cause some irritation
    • The denture is securely attached to the implants which will prevent floating or dislodgement


    Bar Overdenture

    • More expensive option
    • Recommend at least 4 implants (lower jaw)
    • Eliminates rocking
    • Very stable and retentive
    • All implant supported.
    • Removable so relatively easy to clean
    • With enough implants, can remove palate of upper denture resulting in better taste sensation



    • Usually best on lower arch
    • Pink acrylic and white teeth
    • Is not removable by patient
    • Incredibly stable
    • Access holes are filled in with either pink or tooth colored acrylic.


    Full Arch Fixed Briges

    • Most expensive
    • Requires the most implants
    • Most like real teeth
    • Not removable
    • Incredibly stable