• Implant vs. Bridge

  • For many people who have a missing tooth it is a struggle to decide which replacement option is the best option for their lifestyle. In this blog I will cover the differences between the two so that patients can make an informed decision for themselves.


    A bridge is a three crown unit where all three crowns are attached to each other. The bridge could be longer than three units if necessary. In order to place the crowns the teeth on either side of the empty spot need to be trimmed down so they can hold a crown that fits properly on in the mouth. The crowns get cemented onto the teeth holding the middle one over the whole in the mouth.

    Bridges need to be flossed and brushed just like normal teeth. With a crown on top of a tooth it is much more important for flossing to be done to prevent the healthy tooth under the crown from getting any cavities. Crowns can block out the tooth and make it harder to see if there are any cavities on the teeth until the cavity is large. Since the bridge is connected the floss has to be threaded underneath it in order to floss.


    An implant is a screw that is made to mimic the root of an actual tooth. The screw is placed in the bone and the bone and tissue are left to heal for 4-6 months. After the healing period a crown can be placed on the screw and cemented on. The area around the implant will still need to be brushed and flossed. However the crown and implant cannot get cavities since they are artificial.

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