• Home Toothache Remedy

  • Home Toothache Remedies

    At our dental office, we are often asked about home remedies for tooth pain. The at home remedies are for temporary relief and only work temporarily. To have it permanently fixed you need to contact your dentist. Here are some temporary pain relievers to use when you cannot get a hold of your doctor.

    Peppermint Tea:

    Wet the tea bag and then put it in the freezer for a few minutes. Following this place it on the afflicted tooth for at least 20 minutes. As long as the bag is on the tooth the pain will be relieved.

    Salt Water Treatment:

    Swish some salt water for at least 30 seconds. The salt water can help to cleanse bacteria, dislodge debris and help relieve gum tissue pain.


    You can mix smashed garlic and salt into a small ball and place it on the tooth. Another option is to chew a garlic bulb directly. As a bonus it will ward of vampires and maybe a few friends too.

    Of course the best option is to call your dentist and get the bad pain removed.