• Fluoride

  • In some circles Fluoride is a dirty word. In the dental field, it is a beautiful and frequently used word. So what is Fluoride? How does it help your teeth? Where can you find fluoride?

    What is fluoride?Calcium fluoride is a mineral that is commonly found in nature throughout the world.

    How does it help teeth?
    By using fluoride you are allowing the ion to become available to enhance the deposit of the tooth structure and help to repair tooth damage done by acid. This is considered remineralization.
    Another positive affect is that fluoride can help to slow down and prevent cavities from forming. It can slow down and stop the metabolizing of sugars and carbohydrates that typically cause cavities.

    Where is fluoride?
    Fluoride can be found in most drinking water. The US government has added to fluoride, at a healthy level, to drinking water. So when you drink tap water it will most likely have some amount of fluoride with it. In parts of Europe fluoride is added to the salt.
    Supplementary sources of fluoride can be found in toothpaste, mouthwash and other dental products. Always check the labels. Fluoride should be listed.

    Fluoride can really help with your teeth and help to fight cavities.