• Fight Decay

  • As Halloween and the other Holidays are approaching it is time to fill your stomach with sugary treats. While this is a delight for the stomach and tongue it can be devastation to teeth. All of these treats are almost impossible to avoid and it shouldn’t be completely removed from your diet anyway. Holidays are for celebrating. Here are some tips to help protect your teeth during the holidays.

    Water- As silly as it might seem replace soda and other drinks with water over the holiday to help rinse the sugar off of your teeth. It can also help keep the PH level in your mouth at a normal level. Even if you don’t substitute just bring water to add to your treats.

    Xylitiol- For the baked goods you make substitute sugar for xylitol. It has a 1 to 1 ratio and instead of destroying your teeth, like sugar does, it helps strengthen them.
    All together- Try to avoid eating your treats throughout the day. Eat them all at once. This will avoid reintroducing the sugar.
    Brush and floss- Continue to brush and floss your teeth. The most important time to brush and floss is at night. Remember you only keep the ones you brush and floss.