• Bleaching Options

  • Which Bleaching Option is the Best?

    We often have patients ask us about bleaching. So here is a brief idea of what options Dr. Trembath offers and how they work.

    Custom Trays:

    Custom trays are retainer like trays that are made to fit your teeth specifically. You put the bleach in the trays and wear them before bed. You wear these every night for two weeks.

    Pros: You have these trays forever and can touch up your bleaching on your schedule.

    With the bleaching spaced out, sensitivity is less common.

    You are in complete control of your bleaching.

    Cons: It takes longer to bleach your teeth.

    You are in complete control of the bleaching which sometimes means forgetting to bleach or losing your trays.

    Dogs love the smell of human saliva and may chew up your trays. Just keep them away from the dogs and there shouldn’t be a problem.


    Cost: $275


    In Office Laser Whitening:

    This is option is a one hour option that is done all in one day. You are seated in a chair with the option of watching a movie. Your teeth are pumiced so that they accept more bleach. A protective dam is placed around your gum tissue. This protects your sensitive tissue from being irritated by the bleach. Following the dam bleach is placed and then strengthened with the laser for two two minute sessions. Everything is cleaned off and you are all ready to go.

    Pros: You are done in one shot and ready to show that smile off wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to do bleach and you are in the hands of professionals who will do their best to keep you comfortable.


    Cons: Your diet is restricted for 24 hours as your teeth settle down to the color they are going to be. The pours in your teeth are opened to accept the bleach. They remain open for the next 24 hours which means that if you eat any dark foods it could stain your teeth. So you need to avoid anything that stains.

    Cost: $375

    Which one works the best?

    Each option is a good option. It just depends on you. You know yourself best and know if you will wear the take home trays and not lose them. If you are someone who will do that, you may want to stay clear of the bleach trays.

     How long do they last?

    Just like before your teeth will stay as white as you let them. If you go in for your regular cleanings and avoid staining foods or smoking your teeth will be whiter for longer. Teeth rarely get as dark as they started before a bleaching


    If you have any questions feel free to give the office a call!